Dragon CompendiumEdit

Eons ago, before the invention of flying ships, the mysterious land of Laedis, surrounded by nothing but sky, was one of the most isolated regions of Auratia. There, on the top of Longra Mountain, the highest point of Laedis, was born Zios the Cloudburster, legendary defender of the floating island. Back during the First Dragon war, Lysaia, the king of the dragons, relocated the Osira to Laedis in order to protect them. Many dark servants of Kronos tried to destroy the "Homeland" of the Osira, but all of them failed to pass Zios, who never gave a chance even to the most terrifying enemies. Only because of his outstanding bravery an courage, Laedis, as well as Anerton, the Sacred Land of the dragons, has never been disturbed or damaged.

But Osirans overestimated the kindness of Zios and fondly tried to tame him. Extremely aggrieved with such behavior and misled by a friendship with Osirans, Zios left Laedis and never came back again. Nowadays, if you visit Laedis and see beautiful cloudburster in the sky, you can notice traces of Zios' mighty wings and majestic golden armor glittering in the sun. Only the true Dragon's Prophet can accompany this outlaw Dragon, but if you prove your devotion to him, you will eventually become his true companion.

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