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Achivement 50 Reach 1500 Exploration in Wynnadia.

  • Your Exploration will increase as you complete certain quests and subdue certain rare creatures.

Achivement 50 Reach 1500 Reputation in Wynnadia.

  • Your reputation will go up by completing quests and fighting against powerful enemies.

Achivement 50 Kill Braddon's Nightmare, Mandry's Madness, Andrix Ladorno the Blind Fox, Koramos' Breath and Kronos' Phantom in the Accursed Tower.

  • Find and kill Braddon's Nightmare, Mandyry's Madness, Andrix the Blind Fox, Koramos' Breath, and Kronos* Phantom in the Accursed Tower.

Achivement 10 Kill Abrel Tharn in Corzine.

  • Find and kill Abrel Tharn in Corzine.

Achivement 10 Kill Feathered Razorspine Dragon King in the Nameless Keep.

  • Find and kill the fearhered Razorspine Dragon King in Nameless Keep.

Achivement 10 Kill Zhagia Eyegouge the Witch Doctor in the Well of Prophecy.

  • Find and kill Zhagia Eyegouge the Witch Doctor in the Well of Prophecy.


Collected 10 PointsEdit

Gold 500 Gold

Collected 20 PointsEdit

Gold 500 Gold

Collected 30 PointsEdit

Gold 1000 Gold

Collected 50 PointsEdit

Gold 1500 Gold

Collected 80 PointsEdit

Gold 2000 Gold

Collected 100 PointsEdit

Gold 2500 Gold

Collected 150 PointsEdit

Gold 3500 Gold

Collected 180 PointsEdit

Title: Zarland's Hero

Collected 180 PointsEdit

Scorched Iguana <Companion>

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