Quest SummaryEdit

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • Brief Overview
  • Details
    • If I'm not mistaken, you are (character name), correct? I'm a messenger from an organization known as the Wayfarers. What you and Sabosha are working on is very important to the realm. To support you we have formed an alliance with the organization known as the Nethergloom, and we are offering you free transportation service from the Transportation Centers all over the land. We call this service "Translocation". I've taken care of all the paperwork with the Transportation Center Officer here in Helmoth. This service will officially begin when you register your first Translocation point. Don't delay, get started today!

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Translocation Point registration

Quest Completion TextEdit

  • That'll do, (character name). You can now use this service to return back here at any time. (Open your skill book and drag Translocation to the hotkey bar to use it. Once activated, you will return to your last registered Translocation Point.)

Quest RewardsEdit

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