VIP System

An overview of the VIP system in Dragon's Prophet.

The VIP system in Dragon's Prophet is a customer loyalty reward system, with a nice RPG veneer. It rewards diamond purchase with large experience gains and consecutive daily logins with small ones. There's 10 levels of VIP status to obtain, all with considerable benefits. Each login day you are allowed to claim a free item, including a discount coupon on months with 31 days.

The VIP LevelsEdit

There are 10 different levels of VIP, each granting different rewards but also some innate bonuses, called VIP Exclusive Rights. There is a level 0 Osiran which does not grant any VIP Exclusive Rights, but does award daily login bonus items. Once 3053 experience has been reached, you obtain Skyhammer Elite status.

Rank # Rank title
0 Osiran
1 Skyhammer Elite
2 Dragon Shepherd
3 Skyhammer Glory

Daily claimsEdit

Every consecutive login day an item can be claimed (don't forget!). These are marketplace items and on months with 31 days, a discount coupon.

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