So I really want my Swiftfoot to become undead. He hits harder from the grave!

What happened? Two swiftfoots head to head on Swiftfoot homefield in regular Arena. Cbjv once said, the last time they had Swiftfoot homefield in tournament, they destroyed everything except each other. Well, this wasn't the case.

Godzuki started out as expected and I retaliated with a Cyclone. Let Spikey turn around and hit Frenzied Strike. For some reason, this was a good time for Spikey to stand on his two rear lags, knees bent for more then a second, so Godzuki turned around and also hit Frenzied Strike. The result is that (with 13006 maximum HP on Spikey) Spikey hit hard from the grave. So now I'm looking for ways to make him undead. Any liches wanna share their wisdom are welcome to do so.
Swiftfoot From The Grave

Godzuki 1 : Spikey -1

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