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  • Lytora

    Undead swiftfoot needed

    March 2, 2016 by Lytora

    So I really want my Swiftfoot to become undead. He hits harder from the grave!

    What happened? Two swiftfoots head to head on Swiftfoot homefield in regular Arena. Cbjv once said, the last time they had Swiftfoot homefield in tournament, they destroyed everything except each other. Well, this wasn't the case.

    Godzuki started out as expected and I retaliated with a Cyclone. Let Spikey turn around and hit Frenzied Strike. For some reason, this was a good time for Spikey to stand on his two rear lags, knees bent for more then a second, so Godzuki turned around and also hit Frenzied Strike. The result is that (with 13006 maximum HP on Spikey) Spikey hit hard from the grave. So now I'm looking for ways to make him undead. Any liches wanna share th…

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  • Lytora

    Confusing sets

    January 23, 2016 by Lytora

    Today I got confronted with 2 costume sets that use the same bag icon for at least two of the items and also have the same model, yet different colors and very different rarity. If there's more of these, maybe I should put a page up, but so far is the only one I see where it actually matters (given the difference in availability and thus market value).

    Here are the "bag icon" views:

    And here are the sets on mannequin:

    As you can see the pants differ slightly in length on the right leg, minor difference in detail of the thread patterns in various places as well, but it's basically the same model with different colors.

    So watch out and don't accidentally buy the wrong one!

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