Achivement 50 Reach 2500 Exploration in Porthis.
Achivement 50 Reach 2500 Reputation in Porthis.
Achivement 50 Kill all bosses in Nucleus of Time.
Achivement 10 Defeat Zekriloth in Bladeguard Underpass.
Achivement 10 Defeat Desolar the Tyrant in Moran Cavern.


Collected 10 PointsEdit

Gold 3500 Gold

Collected 20 PointsEdit

Gold 5000 Gold

Collected 30 PointsEdit

Gold 7000 Gold

Collected 50 PointsEdit

Gold 10000 Gold

Collected 80 PointsEdit

Gold 13000 Gold

Collected 100 PointsEdit

Gold 15000 Gold

Collected 150 PointsEdit

Gold 20000 Gold

Collected 170 PointsEdit

Title: Porthis Archaeologist

Collected 170 PointsEdit

Young Dragon Wolf <Companion>

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