Dragon's Prophet has special Dragons, classified as "rare". Contrary to the term, it does not mean that these dragons are per definition hard to find. Some are easily triggered spawns and some are spawns with a respawn timer as low as 3 to 5 minutes. But they have threeo distinct traits that separates them from normal dragons:

  • They can spawn with rare skills
  • In the wild they can spawn with an attribute bonus of 6 and secondary attribute bonus rate of 6.96, whereas the limit for common dragons is 5 and 6.54 respectively.
  • They do not spawn with a 4 / 4.84 rate, but instead with a 4.5 / 5.20.

These dragons can be recognized by the word Rare added to the Dragon Family in their information. The exception being the Dragon families that are rare by default:

  • Fabled Ancient
  • Mythical
  • Ancient

Named Dragons Edit

The named dragons are triggered spawns or spawns with a very low respawn timer and live out in the open, rather then in highly secured dungeons. They don't have the word "Dragon" in their name, but have an honorary or descriptive name, often accompanied by a local legend explaining the choice. The first you may encounter is Parsing Shadow, who is the boss of the Samoor Shrine public event. Examples of the fast respawn variation are the two named Aqua Dragons living in Puretia: Crooked Tooth and Blood Fin.

For these dragons their appearance is not very rare, yet it is hard to capture one with a rare skill. There are also no boundaries set to their ability rates, although it is uncommon to get a 1/1.5 it is not made impossible. The common ability rate is the 4.5/5.09 variation. Last but not least they have the standard 4-10 variation for the number of skill slots, so they will (often) spawn with only 4 or 5 slots. Two of those four are of course Dragon Soul Skills and you know not to try the kindred wheel today if the remaining are filled with harvesting skills.

So while these dragons are a common sight, capturing a spawn with 7 or more slots, a rare skill and top stats is very rare indeed.

Dungeon Rare Dragons Edit

These dragons can spawn in instanced dungeons. With the emphasis on can. These dragons however have a much higher chance of spawning with a rare skill. From personal experience, in over a hundred captures of various named dragons only encountered a single rare skill. Less then 10 captures of Dungeon Rares, gave me 5 distinct rare skills, two of which can be augmented using Dragon Evolution.

Roaming Ancients Edit


Dungeon Ancients Edit


Rare Dragon Traits at a glance Edit

Rare Dragon Traits

In the picture below, you can see the traits of a rare dragon, in this case the Dungeon Ancient Lockjaw.

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