Quest SummaryEdit

  • Quest Giver: Ed Kaos
  • Recommended level: 20

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • Brief Overview
  • Details
    • Oh, I'm here because I wanted to investigate these Goblins - or rather, these peculiar machines made by the Goblins. These machines were created to make screeching noises to disturb the Dragons perched nearby and make them flee to other waters. This would then result in increased conflict between humans and Dragons. But I already knew why the Goblins created these machines. What I really want to know is how they work. You must be curious too, right? Unfortunately, even though I managed to sneak in, there are so many Goblins back there that I couldn't go any deeper. Friend, if you're willing, could you go into the depths of the mine and me some of the parts that are used to make these machines? Those Wet Hoof Miners should have some Strange Metal Parts with them!

Completion RequirementsEdit

Quest Completion TextEdit

Oh, this is awesome, my friend! With these parts I can... Hey, wait a minute! These parts look like they can be pieced together, but they can't be combined at all. They're useless! Hmm... I guess we need to gather more parts to make it work.

Quest RewardsEdit

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