A territory war is part of the Fronteir system and contains both PvE and PvP components. It's generally not possible to participate in a contested war without being engaged by other players, but if evasion tactics are elite, it is possible to do so. Whether that attributes to a positive result of the war is questionable, but if enough players are annoyed by the ever evading swiftfoot, their focus might switch to her instead and the misguided rage may be abused by the opposing team to gather more points.

The goal of the war is to capture the island so that it's resources and public event can be accessed. To win the war one must have the most points at the 90 minute marker. Points are obtained for captures of strongholds, turning in crystals and capture plus occupation of the main Citadel.

Capturing a stronghold Edit

Turning in crystals Edit

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Capture the Citadel Edit

Using the dragon Edit

Advantage of isle defence Edit

When defending the isle, the citadel is immediately yours and starts accumulating points. Pending on how long players take to contest your island they may already be up against all odds.

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