This is a rare item. It can be broken down into an essence through crafting. To do so, visit a crafting station and look for recipes in the "Processed Product" section.

This item can only be obtained when venturing into Shrine of Handras with a group of 3 characters or more. The mode is not important, though the harder the setting, the bigger the rewards.[gamebugs 1]

Used in Edit

This material is used in the following recipes:

  1. The gametext refers to recipes to break down this component. This is either a half truth or simply not true. The recipes are indeed in the Processed Products section, however, there are multiple components broken down in one recipe to an essence. It is not true, when the item is in fact used as quest turn-in item (a.k.a. NPC bribe). Examples include Enchanted Seashells and Magic Corals for the Olandra set.

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