Also known as the Auratian Frontier.

  • These islands is where you can purchase land with a house or an apartment.
  • Parts of the islands are PvP. When a war is going on, all but a few parts are PvP.
  • Wars are waged by alliances between guilds. If an alliance is successful in conquering the island, it will be free of war 24 hours and the aliance has access to the public events on the island among other advantages.
  • Sky islands are coveted by the naturally available mineral Napolite. It is these mines that are always PvP.
  • The islands house a number of dragons not seen elsewhere and vary in habitation levels - not just for animals and monsters, but also the harvestable resources.


Map id Name Level
B01 Baerton Mossfen Isle
B02 Baetton Tallpeak Isle
B03 Baerton Darkshroud Isle
B04 Baerton Firestorm Isle
B05 Baerton Windroot Isle
B06 Baerton Gustwalker Isle
B08 Baerton Stonecliff Isle
B10 Baerton Stormreach Isle 35 45
B12 Baerton Dusklight Isle
B13 Baerton Snowdrift Isle
B15 Baerton Murkmire Isle
B16 Baerton Ridgecrest Isle
B22 Baerton Earthforge Isle
B25 Baerton Skygrasp Isle
B25 Baerton Crystalwake Isle
D01 Drathgor Starbreeze Isle
D02 Drathgor Dayblaze Isle
D03 Drathgor Hearthwarm Isle
D04 Drathgor Darkmire Isle
D05 Drathgor Lightfire Isle
D06 Drathgor Dawncaller Isle
D08 Drathgor Duskhowler Isle
D10 Drathgor Sunglow Isle
D12 Drathgor Ashwind Isle
D13 Drathgor Gloomwave Isle
D15 Drathgor Spiritwind Isle
D16 Drathgor Moonshadow Isle
D22 Drathgor Nightshade Isle
D25 Drathgor Teardrop Isle
D27 Drathgor Soulfury Isle

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