Dragon CompendiumEdit

Even the Devouring Dragons were terrified at the sight of this untouchable giant, one of the superior high dragons with an eternal lifespan. Impenetrable armored scales and flesh-incinerating breath made Skardis the most unstoppable weapon against the forces of darkness. But the guile of Kronos was strongly underestimated. Recognizing that there was no chance to overcome such a monstrous power in a fair battle, he trapped and sealed Skardis in the depths of the snow-covered Arjak Caves. Centuries have passed since the imprisonment of the ancient dragon. Kronos' plan was cruel, but he failed to consider the fact that even the permafrost of Arjak can't overcome the burning soul of a high dragon. Skardis absorbed the might of the glacial mountain, augmenting his already essentially impenetrable scales with the protection of ice and deadly spikes. He became known as the Frost Monarch, the terror from the past and uncontested king of the north.

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