Daily quest: Recovering Tools

Maintenance Tools
The tools that maintain the railway to Wynnadia and Wintertide have been stolen. Those little green robber goblins look mighty suspicious.

Where Edit

[[{{{quest_npc}}}]] gives you the quest and can be found {{{quest_npc_location}}}.

Rewards Edit

Gold: 2045Goldcoins
Dragon Insignias: 10Dragon Insignias16
Experience: 18624Experience

Dialogs Edit

This is really bad! The railway maintenance craftsmen's tools keep getting stolen by those Roaming Robbers, and since they don't have the power to handle those goblins, it's really impeding their work.

Recently, headquarters sent some money to pay for the expenses of new tools, but the craftsmen feel that if we buy new tools, the goblins will just steal them again. Instead, they decided to hire people to try to steal their tools back. If you are willing to help to find these Maintenance Tools, we will be able to pay you for your services.

Upon completion Edit

You have helped get out Maintenance Tools back! PLease, let me present you with a token of our gratitude on behalf of the craftsmen!

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