Dragon's Prophet has several rarity removers, which can be used in the Hatching process. Normal rarity removers add extra incubation time, while the marketplace counterparts do not. While an egg can only hatch one dragon, there is typically more then one choice available. These are marked with the standard rarity colors, from green to purple. One or more rarities may not be available, but once there is at least one of rarity X. then at least one of that rarity must remain and cannot be removed. For further details see the information on the hatching page.

Removers and hatching strategy Edit

Since removers add time and the applied statistics boost per tick (10 minutes) increases with a non-linear scale, removers can be used to maximize the statistics on a hatched dragon. By letting the egg enter the "last 24 hours" before removing an unwanted dragon, we make sure we get the biggest boost applied. If there are enough dragons to remove, we will get max stats. This was first posted in very nice detail this forum thread.

All three removers give a different amount of added time as can be seen in the following table:

WIP: table now exists for logging
Remover Egg Rarity Time added
Blue Blue 12 hours
Green Blue 2 hours 24 minutes
Green Green 2 hours 24 minutes