This dragon can be found close to Accursed Towers and surrounds itself with spiders and rats. It is friendly with the Mystic Light Bug Sludge which coincidentally shares the same shade of blue. It feeds on the rats, which are plenty around and seems not bothered by the spiders. Probably a mutual understanding of the other one's power.

Dragon CompendiumEdit

Adventurers are often distracted by its navy blue scales and intricate markings and fail to notice its scorpion-like tail looming over them. While not venomous, a Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon's barbed tail is still a deadly weapon best avoided. It often makes its home in the northern plains of Wynnadia.

Spawn information Edit

This dragon spawns a little north of Marcachi Town. Head west of the road to accursed tower as soon as you see the first spiders.

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