Quest Summary Edit

Next, you must challenge the Tyrannical Shadow Dragon King in Ash Catacombs by yourself. Corrupted by the Shax's potion, it has become a mindless monster. You must bury this dragon personally to prove that you are worthy of the power of these two magic-based Legendary Dragons. Oh! Of course I'm not asking you to fight a puny dragon; I'm asking you to challenge a strong target suitable for 3 people, alone. If the Tyrannical Shadow Dragon King is not defeated, those dragons under his control will forever become Shax's minions, and you will fail to gain the power of those Legendary Dragons.

Brief overview Edit

Go to Ash Catacombs which is suitable for a team of 5 people and challenge the Tyrannical Shadow Dragon King alone. Report to the Mastery Trainer afterwards.

Completion requirements Edit

Go alone to Ash Catacombs at Difficulty 2 and defeat Tyrannical Shadow Dragon King.

Walkthrough Edit

The discrepancy between the number of players required, is probably historical. There is no mode harder then Difficulty 2 for this dungeon and while it's been designed for groups, it is easy to handle solo.

In the adventure version, the bats are a mere speedbump, but be ware of them in this version (I did it at 61 with fire mastery set). Most of his boss attacks can be mitigated eitther with enough toughness or by evading him at the right time. If you picked up the daily, don't forget to turn in the horn.

Completion Edit

You have done well. The next trial is the final one.

This leads into the next and last in the series The Final Trial (Sorceror).

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