Quest summary Edit

Stop blabbering! Collect these materials and I will help you make the equipment:
Ironwing Heart, Stone of Alchemy, Coral Crystal, Grassland Crystal, Temple Crystal, Magic Coral, Vivid Pearl and Enchanted Seashell!

"Ironwing Heart" is a special Screechgullet dragon shard that appears in Ironwing Lair."Stone of Alchemy" is a magical stone from Bloodlust Crypt that the Mortin Kidd use to make medicine. Don't ask me how, I'm not an alchemist."Coral Crystal" is in the hands of those two evil-doers, Markoran the Salt Scorned and Oxient the Razorshell, who are hiding in Shrine of Handras. Those who have ventured in have returned as corpses."Grassland Crystal" is a special product of Olandra, it's very rare. From what I know, it can be found in Ironwing Lair. There's probably one on Mortin Kidd at Bloodlust Crypt too.

As for the other materials...Let me see. Temple Crystal, Magic Coral, Vivid Pearl, Enchanted Seashell and Temple Crystal are special crystals that only the Temple of Handras had, but it has already sunk into the water. You can probably find it in Shrine of Handras. As for the other 3 materials, MAgic Coral, Vivid Pearl and Enchanted Seashell, it's said that they don't even exist in this world. Only when the Temple of Handras fell into the water did it appear. I think it might contain a special power or something. Who cares? Just bring it to me.

After gathering these materials, you can go to those craftsmen and get them to make essences for you. Bring the essences and materials to me and you'll get your beautiful equipment!

Oh by the way, these things aren't easy to come by. You'll have to form a party of three or more people to deal with the enemies there and obtain those precious materials from them.

Completion Requirements Edit

Walkthrough Edit

When Olandra was introduced it was a welcome change after the difficulties of Dragonheart Temple. At present the set is usually skipped in favor of the Porthis Orange Armor Set, but some people opt to do these for the appearance of the armor or the sheer adventure - after all, that's what we're here for. But don't kid yourself, this requires multiple trips into Olandra's three dungeons with a group of three or more people.

If the prices of the shards in the auction house are over 2291 Gold Coins, be sure to chase the RMTM for the seashells.

Rainie Ariel Edit

The ever thirsty Rainie Ariel provides some help with obtaining these materials, if one focuses their effors on Shrine of Handras. The boss mobs can provide a bauble containing a random number of Olandra Sacred Stone Shards, which she will accept for rare materials along with Perfect Juice.

The materials are tradeable and can usually be found in the Auction House, but will require a substantial wallet.

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