Using Raw Materials one can produce Processed Materials: strips of wood, fabrics from torn cloth, leather from leather scraps, blocks of ore from raw ore, bundles of plants from loose plants and finally various forms of prepared meat from the raw meat. These can then be used to make half products for Green rarity products or they can be combined with blue rarity Tier 2 Processed Materials to make final products of Blue rarity.

Chests Edit

All of the Tier 1 refinements can also be crafted as a chest, containing 100 of the refined material with only 1 combine. There is also a small chance for 2x and 5x chests, so that's a lot of free ingredients you can gain there. Albeit a small chance, it happens often enough to be worth the experience loss. Chests are also favored by crafters as they can stack in the bank or your bag, where as the refined material itself stacks to 100. Chests (and quite a lot of them) are also used in Building recipes, making them extra valuable.

Info-blueNote: the same Processed Product can be crafted from multiple Crafting Stations and are loosely divided in Alchemy + Chef versus the other skills. So Doran Grass Bundle can be made on a cooking station and on an Alchemy station but not an armorsmith station. Similarly Rocks can be made on an Armorsmith's table, a Weaponsmith station, a Tinkering device and a carpentry table, but not on an Alchemy Station or Cooking pot.

Thumbs-upFor a little help planning your dragon's harvesting, see: Calculating needed raw materials

Tier 1 Processed Products: Refined raw materials Edit

Level 1 Edit

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Level 81 Edit

Level 91 Edit

InfoMaterial costGoldcoins: 405 - Crafting fee: 168 - Total: 573.

Level 101 Edit

Tier 2 Processed Products: Green Rarity Half Products Edit

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