Paeon is the village you'll first meet Prax Quistern who will guide you through the lands of Auteria for a long time. It is also the place that seperates the gifted Osira from the less talented as the village has been overrun by a vast number of creatures - both living and undead. The occupants receive aid and protection from the Shax and Marauders and occasionally will even send an elite killing machine to "correct the balance".

Before the invasion and following occupation, Paeon thrived on the surrounding Pumpkin farms and the trade and fortune that came with it. They were the unchallenged authority on both growing pumpkins as well as processing them. It is rumored that they not only used the pumpkins for food and that they have even succeeded in creating explosive weaponry.

Quests Edit

There are several quests to be completed here including a Daily task. There is one quest that also starts here and is started by picking up a page from a mummy corpse.


Elite EnemiesEdit


Public Event BossEdit

Public EventsEdit

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