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Ornate Soaking Pool

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Recipe Edit

Ornate Soaking Pool
Ingredient Quantity
Slot 1:
Cold Bat Grass
Cold Bat Grass
Slot 2:
Green Vine Log
Green Vine Log
Slot 3: Cancel32 -
Slot 4: Cancel32 -
Crafting fee: 65Goldcoins
Crafting results:
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
1x Ornate Soaking Pool (100%) Cancel32 Cancel32

Crafting Costs

Item Qty Price Cost
Cold Bat Grass: 18 58.5 1053
Green Vine Log: 10 58.5 585
[[]]: 0 0 0
[[]]: 0 0 0
Crafting fee: 65
Ornate Soaking Pool 1703

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