The recipe for this building is extremely rare and can be found in the dungeons Yodrak's Thunder, Lodar Caverns, Torran Prison and Ironfang Fortress.

Recipe Edit

Ornate Mansion
Ingredient Quantity
Slot 1:
Silver Block (Chest)
Silver Block (Chest)
Slot 2: Green Horn Wood Strip (Chest) 27
Slot 3: Thousand-millet Grass Bundle (Chest) 13
Slot 4: Cancel32 -
Crafting fee: 25795Goldcoins
Crafting results:
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
1x Ornate Mansion (100%) Cancel32 Cancel32

Crafting Costs

Item Qty Price Cost
Silver Block (Chest): 27 26813 723951
Green Horn Wood Strip (Chest): 27 26813 723951
Thousand-millet Grass Bundle (Chest): 13 26813 348569
[[]]: 0 0 0
Crafting fee: 25795
Ornate Mansion 1822266

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