Dragon CompendiumEdit

This dragon is simply epic. Its majestic appearance is unique in all of Auratia. It is a matter of debate where he came from or whether he was actually born in these lands. Some Osirans respectfully refer to him as "Lord Nagafen".

Everquest References Edit

In the game Everquest, Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen were the final raids from the original game.

Simply epic refers to lengthily quests for an overpowered class specific weapon. Both the Bard and Warrior epic required a red dragon scale dropped by Lord Nagafen and Skyfire's protector Talandor. Bard and Warrior were also key classes in several raids needed for the epic items of others, which made outfitting a guild with their epics simply epic.

Skill Edit

This dragon comes with the unique Dragon Soul Skill Treasure Hunter's Satchel, granting a 2 hour +3% drop rate.

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