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Living Room
Level Icon Name Gold Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Source
1 Simple Wood Banquet Table Icon Simple Wood Banquet Table 1 Gold 5 Water Willow Log 2 Coarse Rag Level Up
3 Orange and White Ornamental Stool 1 Gold 5 Water Willow Log 2 Coarse Rag Drop
7 L-Corner Floral Table Icon L-Corner Floral Table 3 Gold 12 Water Willow Log 5 Coarse Rag Level Up
16 Exquisite Tribal Carpet Icon Exquisite Tribal Carpet 13 Gold 12 Skin Salt Log 5 Linen Rag Level Up
22 Crimson Wave Cozy Table Icon Crimson Wave Cozy Table 22 Gold 12 Shellac Log 5 Torn Sheer Cloth Level Up
31 Standard Floral Table Icon Standard Floral Table 37 Gold 12 Cedar Log 7 Torn Cotton Cloth Level Up
37 Dark Green Hospitality Table Cloth Icon Dark Green Hospitality Table Cloth 48 Gold 16 Torn Cotton Cloth 8 Cedar Log Level Up
40 Green Leaf Family Table Cloth Icon Green Leaf Family Table Cloth 53 Gold 22 Cedar Log 12 Torn Cotton Cloth Level Up
49 Long Slatted Wood Bench Icon Long Slatted Wood Bench 69 Gold 22 Green Vine Log 12 Torn Ramie Cloth Level Up
58 Brown Mosaic Carpet Icon Brown Mosaic Carpet 85 Gold 22 Grainy Logs 12 Torn Silk Cloth Level Up
64 Long Floral Table Icon Long Floral Table 95 Gold 22 Green Horn Log 15 Torn Woolen Cloth Level Up
73 Bright Floral Carpet Icon Bright Floral Carpet 111 Gold 20 Silk Log 12 Torn Flannel Level Up
82 White Floral Hospitality Table Icon White Floral Hospitality Table 127 Gold 22 Black Swamp Log 15 Torn Mixed Fabric Level Up
88 Exquisite Embroidered Carpet Icon Exquisite Embroidered Carpet 137 Gold 30 Black Swamp Log 17 Torn Mixed Fabric Level Up
100 Azure Banquet Table Cloth 158 Gold 35 Blue-core Log 20 Torn Red Flannel Level Up
100 Pale Yellow Plush Chair 158 Gold 28 Torn Red Flannel 16 Blue-core Log Level Up

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