Quest SummaryEdit

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • Brief Overview
    • Find the letter from Murdock Evans's Osiran friend in the letter box for Murdock Evans.
  • Details
    • Soulcast Anvil has another function -- removing Dragon Shards. But generally speaking, it can only hold one at a time. Come to think of it, I have a Osira friend who is very knowledgeable about Dragon Shards, and I have yet to read any of his letters. Perhaps we can find out more in those letters. Can you get them for me from the letterbox?

Completion RequirementsEdit

Quest Completion TextEdit

  • He says that if you remove Dragon Shards from a piece of equipment, you can only retain on such shard at a time. Otherwise, you will have to shell out a large sum of money. may need this in the future.

Quest RewardsEdit

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