This is a jewelry set and weapon for level 94 and beyond. It can be upgraded at level 102. Obtaining the set requires one to play each facet of the game: from PvP to Dragon tournaments, from Guild events to Column of the Prophet. Be prepared to invest several months of farming, allthough many things can be obtained from the earliest levels many players opt to go for level 105 and backtrack, primarily because Isle of Lost Souls, Column of the Prophet and to some extend the PvP Battlegrounds are geared towards level 105 players.

Master Shopping List Edit

Item Qty Officially obtained from [1] Alternate[2]
Toxic Pearl 26 Handras the Indigo Fog
Enchanted Core 90 World Bosses 60 Enchanted Essence
20 Ruthless Essence
Core of Devouring Dragon 1 10 Pieces of Devouring Dragon
Piece of Devouring Dragon 10 Public Event on Isle of Lost Souls 45 Ruthless Essence
Battleheart 7 Bizarre Core
Mysterious Potion 3 40 Stone Sliver
30 Dragon Prism Shard
Random from a Stone Crystal
Dragon Prism Core 200 Dragon Prism Shard 180 Dragon Prism Shard

Sorceror Edit

The following jewelry items and weapons are available. The four sorceror lines use Natural (Earth and Ice) and Elemental (Fire and Thunder) damage. There is no known benefit for Dragon Spell Damage other then indicated on some spells and in unfavourable conversion rates. Behind the item we've included it's added special damage that sets it apart from the rest of the items[3]:

References Edit

  1. Otherwise known as the "slow option", it is the option advised in the quest by John Warder and originally the only way to obtain the item.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, this refers to the exchange options provided by Roy Netter and lists the amount required to obtain 1 item.
  3. Given the huge bonus from Dragon God worship, this might also help you decide on which item to get first.

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