Quest SummaryEdit

Quest Summary TextEdit

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    • The nights here are cold and wet, and winter is coming. With so many people coming to the farm all at once, there aren't enough warm blankets and clothes to go around. But I can't let them freeze. There are many Cloudwool Sheep in the graveyard near Peaon. If I had the Puffy Wool they are known for, I could make enough blankets and padded jackets for everyone. So, help Mama out. Bring some Puffy Wool back and Mama will be good to you.

Completion RequirementsEdit

Quest Completion TextEdit

  • You are a huge help to Mama! With this Puffy Wool, we'll have plenty of blankets and woolies for everyone in a flash! Here, this mony is for you. No, no, I insist, take it!

Quest RewardsEdit

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