Daily quest: Insufficient Tea Mud Flower

Tea Mud Flower
While tea and mud combined doesn't sound very appetizing, Oravill's export of this tea makes for a large share of it's income. With Vultures about, the local townsmen are afraid to fetch them.

Where Edit

Doris the Tavern Owner gives you the quest and can be found in Oraville.

Doris The Tavern Owner Map

Rewards Edit

Gold: 3512Goldcoins
Dragon Insignias: 10Dragon Insignias16
Experience: 121897Experience

Dialogs Edit

Other than ores and handicrafts, our town used to export Tea Mud Flower as well. But this type of plant grows in the ground, just like Magical Red Yam, so Ralthon Wild Boar is needed to sniff them out. But with the Vulture mercenaries are all over the place, it's dangerous for us to do the gathering.

That's why now is the chance for you adventurers to earn some quick bucks. I'll reward you for every 10 Tea Mud Flower you bring back. You can get them by defeating Ralthon Wild Boar. Vulture Troublemaker are said to carry them with them too.

Upon Completion Edit

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