This is one of the 3 purple armor sets available at level 94 to adventurers with level 91 in any craft and able to spend a lot of time in Shrine of Handras. The sets are class specific and focus on 3 different stat combinations, which correspond to a role / playstyle available to the class. Common to all 3 sets is a vast boost in hitpoints made possible by the continued use of Health V, introduced in Alentia and the introduction of Constitution II.

Obtaining the materials Edit

Common materials can be obtained through drops in all dungeons, with at least 3 member party. The purple materials only drop in Shrine of Handras and only from Handras himself. Additionally, Orlandra Sacred Stone Shards along with Perfect Juice can be exchanged for these materials, by turning them in to the ever thirsty Rainie Ariel. Albeit slowly, it is possible to obtain these shards and the Alchemy Store bought juice solo, when at least fighting in group mode. Rainie also trades these shards and juice for your weapon and off-hand item, totalling a few thousand shards if you want to do this by exchange only. The shards are tradeable and can often be found in the auction house.

Last but not least, the items needed for trade in (Vivid Pearl, Magic Coral and Enchanted Seashell) are also available from the Remnant Moon Travelling Agent at 500k a piece.

Materials needed Edit

  • Helm: 1 Indigo Fog Ironwing Essence and 5 Magic Coral
  • Gloves: 1 Indigo Fog Alchemy Essence and 5 Vivid Pearl
  • Pauldrons: 1 Indigo Fog Ironwing Essence and 5 Magic Coral
  • Tunic: 1 Indigo Fog Alchemy Essence and 5 Vivid Pearl
  • Pants: 1 Idigo Fog Coral Essence and 5 Enchanted Seashell
  • Boots: 1 Indigo Fog Coral Essence and 2 Enchanted Seashell

Stats Edit

This set focuses on Ferocity, with Charisma (Helmet, Pauldrons, Armor), Toughness IV (Pants) and Critical Hit Chance (Boots). The gloves contain the main damage dealing stat (Strength or Intelligence) and added physical or magic damage. As such the set focuses on DPS through critical hits and adds extra damage through a large boost in your dragon's abilities.

Armor per class Edit

Sorceror Edit

  • Illusive Tide Bandana
  • Illusive Tide Gloves
  • Illusive Tide Sorceror Pauldrons
  • Illusive Tide Tunic
  • Illusive Tide Legwraps
  • Illusive Tide Cloth Boots

Oracle Edit

  • Azure Dragon Hood
  • Azure Dragon Vambraces
  • Azure Dragon Epaulet
  • Azure Dragon Vestment
  • Azure Dragon Wizard Pants
  • Azure Dragon Soft Boots

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