Immortal Seraph (Female)

A costume set available in de marketplace at a standard pricing of 1200 Diamonds and also obtainable per item at 500 Adventure Insignias. The set does not have a cloak, because part of it's tunic already carries large low hanging flaps.
NOTE: The weapon box for the set only contains 2-handed items. Where other weapon sets may offer a choice per time you open it, this weapon box only hands the 2-handed class-specific item.

Usage in Osirian courtship ritualsEdit

The male set shows strength and determination, enlarging all muscular areas, making the wearer appear as a potent hunter and gatherer. The female version leaves very little to the imagination about her physical features, but just enough to keep these men interested. The helm augments the female's facial features instead of hiding the complete face. This is why - according to researchers - this costume is used more in Osiran courtship ritual then it's rival Amethyst Dragon Scale. That costume covers the females head with a reptile-like mask and is seen more at masked balls.

Light colorEdit

This is one of the few costumes with a light color and almost all paintable patterns and fabrics. The stiching on the torso item is very detailed and sophisticated and beautiful highlights can be created with the right combination of colors, focusing the spectators attention.

User GalleryEdit

If you'd like to show off your colored version of this custome, please use this gallery and be sure to add your character name to the caption!

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