Quest SummaryEdit

Quest Summary TextEdit

Brief OverviewEdit


  • We've suffered catastrophic damage to the village and its citizens due to the horde of zombies we've just endured. It goes without saying that the greatest loss was that of the lives of the villagers... Lets just take it as a trial by the Dragon God. The survivors will eventually have to press on with whatever is left and rebuild a new life. We have dispatched our clerks to process relief efforts for the survivors. The clerks were also tasked with surveying the general disposition of any villagers that survived the attack. Until everything has settled, the clerks must remain in field but I'm eager to check the tone of the town. Could you do me a favor and collect some of the Post Apocalyptic Reconciliation Surveys so I can see how our villagers are holding up?

Completion RequirementsEdit

Quest Completion TextEdit

  • With exact figures of the population size, we can kick start all of the follow-up works... Thanks for making the trip. For the moment, we're in need of manpower as well. If you can, please continue to help us out.

Quest RewardsEdit

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