The Guardian is a tanky melee class in the game, which have high variety of different kinds of weapons on their use.


Play StyleEdit

As a guardian you will be fighting your enemies up close and personal. Guardians main attributes are strenght and constitution, which will allow them to survive in battles for long time while dealing the maximum damage.


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Guardians can use hammers, axes or swords to fight their enemies. They can also go with a sword and shield combination, which will give them higher survivability in combat. Guardians are the only known class for being able to use heavy armor, which makes them even more capable for tanking purposes.

Gameplay video of Guardian skills:Edit

Base Stats




Constitution 26
Ferocity 14
Intelligence 28
Focus 12
Charisma 25
Dragon Affinity 15
《群龍默示錄》Dragon's Prophet 職業展示影片 龍血鬥士 Guardian00:41

《群龍默示錄》Dragon's Prophet 職業展示影片 龍血鬥士 Guardian

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