While I am male and enjoy half-naked women, the costume sets for females in Dragon's Prophet are targeting my demographic and it is hard for a female character to find sets that cover the body and are still classy, have style or even sexy but not sleazy.

This page aims to help you find those sets and focuses on having breasts, hip and upper leg area fully covered. Whether these are pretty, classy or have style - you decide. Feel free to contribute!

List of Sets Edit

  1. Monarch Set. This is a cloth set. Pieces can be tailored as auto-granted recipes in the higher levels. Photo's below are uncolored and the matching staff is Mason's Staff (One-handed).
  2. Imperial Set. This is a Light Armor set. Original colors are light/dark brown with golden highlights (yellow highlights here). The bow is a Demon Horn Battle Bow.
  3. Thunderlord Set. This is a cloth set. The bow is a Curved Bow of the Fearless. The costume does show a bit of navel.
  4. Militia Set. This is a Light Armor set and colored green below. Original colors are brown and gold. The bow is a Green Horn Long Bow.
  5. Combat Set. This is a Light Armor set. The bow is a Scorpion Tail Longbow.
  6. Journey Set. This is a cloth set, colored green, normally brown. The scythe is an Untamed Bone Scythe.
  7. Spritual Realm Set. This is a Cloth set and available at armor merchants in Wynnadia. Hard to find a matching bow, still looking for one. This is one of the sets that I personally find better for a male character.
  8. Storm Set. This is a Heavy Armor set. The bow is a White Rock Battle Bow. Not too fond of heavy armor on females in general, but this one does OK. Of course, being worn by one of the most suffering classes in combat, it has high heels and an opening on the top of the boots.

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