Daily quest: Executioner's Preparations

Umbrella Lizard Claw
One of the daily quests available in Ilitar City. Apparently the collected items are used as markings for somebody who insulted the Marcaca family.

Where Edit

[[{{{quest_npc}}}]] gives you the quest and can be found {{{quest_npc_location}}}.

Rewards Edit

Gold: 1712Goldcoins
Dragon Insignias: 10Dragon Insignias16
Experience: 8965Experience

Dialogs Edit

Oh? It seems that another family will be making a move. The items to be collected this time are the razor sharp claws of Spiny Lizards. There is nothing special about these, but if you are to betray or insult the Marcaca family's "respect", the consequences of being caught by them will be to have your mouth stuffed with Umbrella Lizard Claws.

Hmm... This time, a large quantity is required, so it seems like there will defenitely be a fierce fight.

Upon completion Edit

I will take these Umbrella Lizard Claws. The Marcaca family is extremely grateful for your assistance.

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