Dragon CompendiumEdit

A traveller, with his loyal friend and companion Fleeting Snow, once travelled near Lake Lynor in Wintertide to trade with the people and merchants living there. During his stay, he heard rumours that there was an unknown dragon bringing storms from the north-west, and darkening the sky. It was said that because of this, many people have gone missing in the last few weeks. The Traveller, not giving the rumours any thought, left the town the next day with his companion to head towards the Bardeias Estate, to the north-west.
On his way, a sudden snowstorm swept over him. The traveller could barely see a few metres in front of him, and tried to cover his face. All of a sudden, the snow under his feet gave way, and he tumbled into darkness. After hitting the ground, and rubbing his head, he could hear his Fleeting Snow trying to dig for him in the snow above.
While he tried to keep himself warm, the traveller heard something large moving. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark being raising its head from behind a frozen boulder. Its breath melted the ice on the rock and steam rose up from its nostrils. Its pale eyes landed on the lone traveller, who suddenly felt the cold touch of fear, colder than even the cave. The dragon - which he surmised from the folded back wings he could see - circled him and came closer, until it stood almost directly in front of him. The last thing he could recall, and the image that has stayed with him since, were those pale eyes, framed by an almost wicked grin of a hundred teeth.
Despite his horrifying memory, the traveller woke up beneath the wing of his concerned companion Fleeting Snow. He had no idea why, but it seemed that the mysterious dragon got him out of the cave and back to safety. He could have easily devoured him, but he left him alone. He stood up and looked up at the sky, and thought of the rumours he'd heard in Lynor. He shook his head. That dragon wasn't a menace, at all. It had saved his life.


  • Metres is not misspell here. It is written as in the compendium.

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