Dragon CompendiumEdit

While many inhabitants of Porthis worship the legendary dragons Sammos the Resplendent and Vita the Stalwart Shield as their gods and patron saints, few realize that the natural wonders of this region are the direct result of one special dragon's magic: Elaris the Enchantress! Without her continuous effort to preserve nature, Porthis would be nothing but a barren plateau full of rocks and minerals.
It was Elaris who prevented Zekriloth from further ravaging this region before the bloodthirsty general was finally stopped and killed during the Second Dragon War. Since then, Elaris has used her magic to slowly heal the scars that years of war have left on Porthis. From the lush forests and riverbanks to the Immortal Paradise with its miraculous creatures, this land truly owes a great deal to Elaris, whose beautiful scale armor and luminescent wings make for a mysterious yet stunning sight that only few ever have the chance to marvel at.

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