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Level Icon Name Gold Material 1 Material 2 Source
1 Adventure Earrings 1 Gold 1 Lazulite Gem 1 Water Willow Log Level Up
15 Everlasting Earrings 14 Gold 1 Andalusite Gem 1 Skin Salt Log Level Up
27 Canyon Earrings 41 Gold 3 Zoisite Gem 1 Shellac Log Level Up
39 Hugecutter 72 Gold 3 Taaffeite Gem 3 Cedar Log Level Up
51 Wetland Earrings 104 Gold 3 Cat's Eye Gem 3 Grainy Logs Level Up
63 Ash Earrings 135 Gold 4 Green Seal Gem 4 Green Horn Log Level Up
75 Spirit Immersion Earrings 167 Gold 4 Cordierite Gem 4 Silk Log Level Up
81 Torturing Final Battle Ear Stud 182 Gold 4 Chrysoberyl Gem 4 Black Swamp Log Level Up
85 Magical Wilderness Ear Cuff 193 Gold 4 Chrysoberyl Gem 4 Black Swamp Log Level Up
88 Insane Journey Earrings 201 Gold 6 Chrysoberyl Gem 4 Black Swamp Log Level Up

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