Dragon Soul Skills are abilities carried by dragons that can be used as spells by their captor. For most classes these are the only access they have to healing abilities, aside from potions and provisions. But they also contain boosts (9 minutes wordt) of various attributes and a wide range of damage spells and a few utility.

These skills use the Dragon Soul Points, of which each Osira has 2000 and is represented by the yellow bar below the action points. This is also the resource that is used to capture a dragon.

A dragon can have a maximum of two Dragon Soul Skills and they can be moved from one dragon to another using the marketplace item Academy Dragon Soul Crystal.

An Osira can at most have 5 Dragon Soul Skills armed (assigned to a hotkey) at the same time. When a 6th is added, all Dragon Soul Skills will fail to cast.

Comprehensive table of Dragon Soul SkillsEdit

Below is a comprehensive and hopefully in time complete list of Dragon Soul Skills. Damage numbers and healing power are fixed to 100 and do not reflect the actual ammount. Heal ammounts are affected largely by Intelligence, whereas the base ammount for a heal is set by Dragon Affinity and Heal Power.

Dragon Soul Skills of Auteria
Name Type Description Rarity Remarks
Dragon Soul Blade
Dragon Soul Blade Stat Buff Buff Dragon Affinity Uncommon
Cure Heal Direct heal dragon and master Common Can miss dragon.
Divine Calling
Divine Calling Heal Direct self-heal and HoT. Common Also restores action points.
Divine Embrace
Molten Flame
Reciprocal Fury
Attribute Wheel
Vitality Wheel Stat Buff Buff, random stat. Uncommon Stacks with other stat buffs and itself.

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