A pot made from common porcelain to introduce the novice carpenter to the material and process. It's a little step up from the Slate Gray version as slate gray is the natural color of the porcelain used. This teaches the carpenter the painting process and how colors fade over time. To sustain a solid Dark Green one must use a copper-based varnish. The pot has a leather handle to shield the carrier when it contains heated fluids.

This item is 10 wide and 10 long.

Recipe Edit

Dark Green Porcelain Pot
Ingredient Quantity
Slot 1:
Light Leather Scrap
Light Leather Scrap
Slot 2:
Copper Ore
Copper Ore
Slot 3: Cancel32 -
Slot 4: Cancel32 -
Crafting fee: 12Goldcoins
Crafting results:
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
1x Dark Green Porcelain Pot (100%) Cancel32 Cancel32

Crafting Costs

Item Qty Price Cost
Light Leather Scrap: 10 12.5 125
Copper Ore: 4 12.5 50
[[]]: 0 0 0
[[]]: 0 0 0
Crafting fee: 12
Dark Green Porcelain Pot 187

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