Auratian Currency

  • Reward from quests and from selling items.


Exclusive Marketplace Currency.

Dragon InsigniasEdit

Daily Quest Rewards.

Adventurer InsigniasEdit

Public Event or Dungeon Rewards.

Kindred InsigniasEdit

Friendship or Dragon Treasure Hunting Rewards.

Vanquisher InsigniasEdit

Cooperative Combat Rewards.

  • Kill the Guild Boss

Warforged InsigniasEdit

Frontier Island Objective Rewards (Acquired when you have earned Guild Points and Archievements).

Dragon RunesEdit

Reward Currency Obtained when you complete a Dragon Compendium quest or participate in Dragon Arena.

  • Fill your Dragon Compendium Book and compete in the Dragon Arena.


Exclusive Ruby Marketplace currency.

  • When using Diamonds in the in-game Marketplace, you will receive a fixed amount of Rubies as a reward.

Moonlight CoinsEdit

Currency for Moonlight exchange.

  • Obtainable from various Midas Moonlight events.

Dragonscale SealEdit

Column of the Prophet Rewards.

  • Reward for competing in Column of the Prophets.

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