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Living Room
Level Icon Name Gold Material 1 Material 2 Source
1 Potted Evergreen 1 Gold 4 Doran Grass 2 Water Willow Log Level Up
13 Potted Cycad 9 Gold 6 Catalpa Vine Grass 4 Skin Salt Log Level Up
25 Aromatic Flower Bed 27 Gold 12 Beast Tears Grass 6 Shellac Log Level Up
37 Potted Tangerine 48 Gold 16 Astral Grass 8 Cedar Log Level Up
49 Potted Sinocrassula 69 Gold 18 Cold Bat Grass 10 Green Vine Log Level Up
58 Steam-Powered Well 85 Gold 18 Tasch Grass 10 Grainy Logs Level Up
73 Potted Broadleaf Palm 111 Gold 16 Basha Grass 10 Silk Log Level Up
85 Potted Bamboo Palm 132 Gold 22 Stone Moon Grass 12 Black Swamp Log Level Up
94 Fancy Shower 148 Gold 22 Dream-producing Grass 14 Blue-core Log Level Up

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