Level Name Type Tame Region
41 Timid Grovesprout Dragon Stalwart Yes Wynnadia Plains
42 Scaled Deepsea Dragon Aqua Yes Wynnadia Coast
43 Agile Plainstrider Dragon Swiftfoot Yes Wynnadia Plains
44 Stoic Stitchscale Dragon Aqua Yes Corzine
44 Triumph Aqua Yes Corzine (Rare)
45 Slithering Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Yes Forest of the Folorn
45 Empyrean Lotus Dragon Skytouched Yes Outside Nameless Keep
46 Corrupted Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Yes Nameless Keep
46 Captured Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Yes Nameless Keep
46 Blinktail Razorspine Yes Nameless Keep (Rare)
46 Feathered Razorspine Dragon King Lindwurm No Nameless Keep (Boss
46 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon, Wynnadia Stalwart Yes Warthrone Meadows
48 Autumn Wind Skytouched Yes Well of Prophecy (Rare)
50 Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon Windrider Yes Accursed Tower
50 Imposing Preygorge Dragon Skytouched Yes Vagrants Path
50 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Stalwart Yes Vagrants Path
55 Fungal Bloom Fabled Ancient Yes Roaming
55 Midnight Shade Fabled Ancient Yes Roaming
55 Ancient Shadow Fabled Ancient Yes Dungeon Ancient

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