# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Savage Wolfwing Dragon Icon 9 Savage Wolfwing Dragon Puretia Norklanth Forest
2 Stalking Wolfwing Dragon Icon 14 Stalking Wolfwing Dragon Puretia East Parsing Woods
3 Parsing Shadow Icon 14 Parsing Shadow Puretia East Parsing Woods
4 Emerald Sapwing Dragon Icon Emerald Sapwing Dragon Bakra Flute
5 Crested Spineback Dragon Icon Crested Spineback Dragon Bakra Flute
6 Bonesheathed Windrider Dragon Icon Bonesheathed Windrider Dragon Laedis
7 Focused Skybronze Dragon Icon Focused Skybronze Dragon Laedis
8 Horned Wingcrawler Dragon Icon Horned Wingcrawler Dragon Puretia Ash Catacombs
9 Golden Wingcrawler Dragon Icon Golden Wingcrawler Dragon Puretia Ash Catacombs
10 Bloodthirsty Rustwind Dragon Icon Bloodthirsty Rustwind Dragon Laedis
11 Bladeback Infiltrator Dragon Icon Bladeback Iniltrator Dragon Laedis
12 Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon Icon Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon Wynnadia
13 Scaled Moltenpeak Dragon Icon Scaled Moltenpeak Dragon Korhala
14 Sickle Fang Icon Sickle Fang Puretia Ash Catacombs
15 Shade Chaser Icon Shade Chaser Satuma Flute
16 Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Icon Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Satuma Flute
17 Frozen Windrider Dragon Icon Frozen Windrider Dragon Wintertide
18 Thistle Horned Dragon Icon Thistle Horned Dragon Satuma Flute
19 Omen Raptor Dragon Icon Omen Raptor Dragon Satuma Flute
20 Phantom Icon Phantom Korhala Deyarka Tunnel
21 Hookwing Icon Hookwing Bakra Flute
22 Midnight Icon Midnight Satuma Flute
23 Silver Blade Icon Silver Blade Satuma Flute
24 Arctic Thorncowl Dragon Icon Arctic Thorncowl Dragon Inartia
25 Dragon Icon Greedy Omen Dragon
26 Nebbish Burrowing Dragon Icon Nebbish Burrowing Dragon Alentia
27 Volcanic Infiltrator Dragon Icon Volcanic Infiltrator Dragon Puretia
28 Duskglow Wolfwing Dragon Icon Duskglow Wolfwing Dragon Sky Islands
29 Vile Skullhorn Dragon Icon Vile Skullhorn Dragon Sky Islands
30 Jungle Windrider Dragon Icon Jungle Windrider Dragon Sky Islands
31 Blushing Thistlefang Dragon Icon Blushing Thistlefang Dragon Sky Islands
32 Luketic Wolfwing Dragon Icon Luketic Wolfwing Dragon Olandra
33 Emerald Scale Icon Emerald Scale Olandra
34 Cinyorin Wolfwing Dragon Icon Cinyorin Wolfwing Dragon Porthis
35 Barbtail Dragon Icon Barbtail Dragon Thadrea
36 Silt Marsh Sapwing Dragon Icon Silt Marsh Sapwing Dragon Thadrea Silt Marsh
37 Elaris the Enchantress Icon ~ Elaris the Enchantress Marketplace Egg
38 Dragon Icon

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