# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Steel Blade Icon Steel Blade Sitheran Black Tower
2 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon Puretia Icon Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon, Puretia Puretia
3 Horned Bristleback Dragon Icon Horned Bristleback Dragon Bakra Flute
4 Plated Longtooth Dragon Icon Plated Longtooth Dragon Bakra Flute
5 Crested Bristleback Dragon Icon Crested Bristleback Dragon Bakra Flute
6 Crimson Bristleback Dragon Icon Crimson Bristleback Dragon Bakra Flute
7 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon Wynnadia Icon Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon, Wynnadia Wynnadia
8 Stalwart Bonemask Dragon Icon Stalwart Bonemask Dragon Laedis West Mount Longra
9 Stalwart Thornedge Dragon Icon Stalwart Thornedge Dragon Laedis
10 Stubborn Kettleback Dragon Icon Stubborn Kettleback Dragon Laedis
11 Brawny Sandshell Dragon Icon Brawny Sandshell Dragon
12 Staunch Sunrest Dragon Icon Staunch Sunrest Dragon Laedis
13 Young Spirehorn Dragon Icon Young Spirehorn Dragon Laedis Aryna's Lair
14 Timid Grovesprout Dragon Icon Timid Grovesprout Dragon Wynnadia
15 Bold Spirehorn Dragon Icon Bold Spirehorn Dragon Laedis Aryna's Lair
16 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Icon Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Wynnadia / Inartia Drifters Path / Veilar Grotto
17 Sturdy Kettleback Dragon Icon Sturdy Kettleback Dragon Laedis
18 Furious Darkfang Dragon Icon Furious Darkfang Dragon Inartia Veilar Grotto
19 Squelch Icon Squelch Bakra Flute
20 Satuma Scaleskin Dragon Icon Satuma Scaleskin Dragon Satuma Flute
21 Mossy Ridgecrest Dragon Icon Mossy Ridgecrest Dragon Satuma Flute
22 Highland Longtooth Dragon Icon Highland Longtooth Dragon Bakra Flute
23 Gelid Sawtooth Dragon Icon Gelid Sawtooth Dragon Wintertide Anorris Hills
24 Golden Shield Icon Golden Shield Satuma Flute
25 Frosty Sawtooth Dragon Icon Frosty Sawtooth Dragon Inartia
26 Shaggy Jadecrown Dragon Icon Shaggy Jadecrown Dragon Satuma Flute
27 Mechanic Dragon Icon Mechanic Dragon Alentia Draconic Giant Outpost
28 Tundra Sawtooth Dragon Icon Tundra Sawtooth Dragon Wintertide Lodar Caverns
29 Lumbering Thornspike Dragon Icon Lumbering Thornspike Dragon Alentia
30 Russet Boneplate Dragon Icon Russet Boneplate Dragon Alentia Luna Forest
31 Toughshell Stalwart Dragon Icon 17 Toughshell Stalwart Dragon Puretia
32 Majestic Crown Icon Majestic Crown Puretia
33 Indigold Bristleback Dragon Icon Indigold Bristleback Dragon Sky Islands
34 Indigold Hardshell Dragon Icon Indigold Hardshell Dragon Sky Islands
35 Earthen Lancehead Dragon Icon Earthen Lancehead Dragon Sky Islands
36 Crystalline Stonescale Dragon Icon Crystalline Stonescale Dragon Sky Islands
37 Dawn Purple Icon ~ Dawn Purple Marketplace Egg
38 Silver Snowdrift Icon ~ Silver Snowdrift Marketplace Egg
39 Zartin Bristleback Dragon Icon Zartin Bristleback Dragon Olandra
40 Luketic Spearcrown Dragon Icon Luketic Spearcrown Dragon Olandra
41 Green Marble Icon Green Marble Olandra South Piercing Wood
42 Golden Mask Icon Golden Mask Olandra Dragon Egg
43 Ralthon Plated Longtooth Dragon Icon Ralthon Plated Longtooth Dragon Porthis Fallow Valley
44 Brown Tooth Icon Brown Tooth Porthis Fallow Valley
45 Whitemane Plated Longtooth Dragon Icon Whitemane Plated Longtooth Dragon Porthis Arkema Forest
46 Viridescent Icon Viridescent Porthis Moran Cavern
47 Tough Bristleback Dragon Icon Tough Bristleback Dragon Thadrea
48 Crimson Rockore Dragon Icon Crimson Rockore Dragon Thadrea Taron Valley
49 Dragon Icon

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