The zone Satuma is closed. So These dragons can only be captured by Draconic Flute, and/or from Dragon Eggs.

The levels for the Bakra and Satuma Dragons is from, since I only started to play the game after these two zones where closed. All other information on these dragons is from playing the game.

Lvl Name Type Note
~ Tamed Thresher Dragon Aqua
7 Greedy Omen Dragon Windrider
7 Omen Raptor Dragon Windrider
7 Shade Chaser Windrider Rare
9 Satuma Scaleskin Dragon Stalwart
9 Juvenile Thresher Dragon Aqua
10 Vextide Aqua Event Boss
14 Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Windrider
16 Midnight Windrider Event Boss
17 Dancing Lotus Dragon Skytouched
19 Floating Lotus Dragon Skytouched
21 Thistle Horned Dragon Windrider
23 Silver Blade Windrider Event Boss
23 Jade Predator Dragon Skytouched
23 Shaggy Jadecrown Dragon Stalwart
23-25 Stargazer Skytouched Rare
24 Kanze Bloodbone Dragon Swiftfoot
25 Thornlash Razorspine Rare
25 Crow Bone Swiftfoot Event Boss
27 Mossy Ridgecrest Dragon Stalwart
28 Thorned Ironclaw Dragon Paragon
30 Golden Shield Stalwart Event Boss
30 Finned Muckscale Dragon Aqua
35 Onyx Smoke Fabled Ancient Fabled Ancient
30 Jade Soul Fabled Ancient Dungeon Ancient