# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Bonemasked Ironclaw Dragon Icon Bonemasked Ironclaw Dragon Puretia
2 Thistlefur Ironclaw Dragon Icon Thistlefur Ironclaw Dragon Bakra Flute
3 Lurking Fangcrusher Dragon Icon Lurking Fangcrusher Dragon Laedis
4 Sinister Sleekscale Dragon Icon Sinister Sleekscale Dragon Laedis
5 Noxious Fangcrusher Dragon Icon Noxious Fangcrusher Dragon Laedis Aryna's Lair
6 Fickle Goldcrook Dragon Icon Fickle Goldcrook Dragon Korhala
7 Mahogany Slytooth Dragon Icon Mahogany Slytooth Dragon Korhala Tanarkin Quarry
8 Green Thieving Dragon Icon Green Thieving Dragon Korhala Tanarkin Quarry
9 Gripmaw Icon Gripmaw Laedis Aryna's Lair
10 Granite Ridgestalker Dragon Icon Granite Ridestalker Dragon Bakra Flute
11 Thorned Ironclaw Dragon Icon Thorned Ironclaw Dragon Satuma Flute
12 Misting Ironclaw Dragon Icon Misting Ironclaw Dragon Laedis
13 Slake Throat Icon Slake Throat Korhala Tanarkin Quarry
14 Golden Shadow Icon Golden Shadow Bakra Flute
15 Spined Whispertongue Dragon Icon Spined Whispertongue Dragon Alentia
16 Merciless Paragon Dragon Icon Merciless Paragon Dragon Wintertide Torran Prison
17 Shadetouched Ironclaw Dragon Icon Shadetouched Ironclaw Dragon Sky Islands
18 Whispering Cloudstrider Dragon Icon Whispering Cloudstrider Dragon Sky Islands
19 Darksteel Paragon Icon ~ Darksteel Paragon Marketplace Egg
20 Vermilion Flare Icon ~ Vermilion Flare Marketplace Egg
21 Luketic Rageclaw Dragon Icon Luketic Rageclaw Dragon Olandra
22 Blood Tail Icon Blood Tail Olandra
23 Devilish Ironclaw Dragon Icon Devilish Ironclaw Dragon Olandra Bloodlust Crypt
24 Chiseltooth Ironclaw Dragon Icon Chiseltooth Ironclaw Dragon Porthis Painez Plateau
25 Verdant Veil Icon ~ Verdant Veil Marketplace Egg
26 Blue Mist Icon ~ Blue Mist Marketplace Egg
27 Gray Cliff Icon ~ Gray Cliff Marketplace Egg
28 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
29 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
30 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
31 Greensteel Icon ~ Greensteel Marketplace Egg
32 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
33 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
34 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
35 Bright Year Icon ~ Bright Year Marketplace Egg
36 Dragon Icon

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