The Oriental Dragons arrive in Auratia once a year on their long migration from the far east. The Oriental Dragons is the only dragon that both are able to fly and swim.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Fiveclaw Gold Dragon Icon ~ Fiveclaw Gold Dragon Marketplace Egg
2 Opal Fortune Icon ~ Opal Fortune Marketplace Egg
3 Emerald Fortune Icon ~ Emerald Fortune Marketplace Egg
4 Diamond Fortune Marked Icon ~ Diamond Fortune Marketplace Egg
5 Ruby Fortune Icon ~ Ruby Fortune Marketplace Egg
6 Sapphire Fortune Icon ~ Sapphire Fortune Marketplace Egg
7 Onyx Fortune Icon ~ Onyx Fortune Marketplace Egg
8 Copper Fortune Icon ~ Copper Fortune Marketplace Egg
9 Amethyst Fortune Icon ~ Amethyst Fortune Marketplace Egg
10 Guangren Icon ~ Guangren Auratia
11 Diamond Fortune Icon ~ Diamond Fortune Auratia
12 Kazer Icon ~ Kazer Auratia
13 Shunji Icon ~ Shunji Auratia
14 Lingze Icon ~ Lingze Auratia
15 Fuying Icon ~ Fuying Auratia
16 Sunmoon Icon ~ Sunmoon Auratia
17 Dragon Icon

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