Level Name Type Tame Region
91 Zartin Thresher Dragon Aqua Yes Zartin Plains
91 Zartin Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Yes Zartin Plains
91 Red Horn Swiftfoot Yes Zartin Plains
92 Zartin Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Yes Valden
92 Green Marble Stalwart Yes North Piercing Wood
92 Ironwing Dragon Skytouched Yes Auromia's Terrace
92 Crimson Ironwing Dragon Skytouched yes Auromia's Terrace (Rare)
93 Luketic Wolfwing Dragon Windrider yes West Luketic Forest
93-94 Luketic Rageclaw Dragon Paragon yes Luketic Valley
94 Devilish Ironclaw Dragon Paragon yes Bloodlust Crypt (Rare)
94 Orinth Aquaflyer Dragon Aqua yes Luketic Forest River
94 Scarlet Feeler Aqua yes Luketic Forest River
94 Khalon Rockback Dragon Aqua yes Khalon Beach
94 Luketic Spearcrown Dragon Stalwart yes South Luketic Forest
99 Scarlet Bloom Fabled Ancient yes ?
99 Indigo Stone Ironhide yes
99 Verdant Fin Fabled Ancient yes Roaming
99 Crimson Thorn Fabled Ancient yes Dungeon Ancient

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