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# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Indigo Stone Icon Indigo Stone Olandra
2 Tonapah's Shadow Icon Tonapah's Shadow Thadrea Roaming
3 Jadeite Icon Jadeite Auratia Road Quest
4 Bloodred Coral Icon Bloodred Coral Auratia Treasure Hunt
5 Stone Gaze Icon Stone Gaze Column of the Prophet
6 Roughrounder Icon Roughrounder Auratia Flute
7 Silver Wings Icon Silver Wings Porthis Dungeon Ancient
8 Obsidian Spectre Icon ~ Obsidian Spectre Marketplace Egg
9 Calcite Cliff Icon ~ Calcite Cliff Marketplace Egg
10 Igneous Batholith Icon ~ Igneous Batholith Marketplace Egg
11 Winged Excavator Icon ~ Winged Excavator Marketplace Egg
12 Jagged Crag Icon ~ Jagged Crag Marketplace Egg
13 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
14 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
15 Adamant Icon ~ Adamant Marketplace Egg
16 White Silver Icon ~ White Silver Marketplace Egg
17 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg
18 Indigo Spike Icon Indigo Spike Sitheran
19 Silver Wings' Twin Icon ~ Silver Wings' Twin Marketplace Egg
20 Dragon Icon

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