Level Name Type Tame Region
72 Swift Fernscale Dragon Swiftfoot yes Mytia Passage
72 Cavern Slitherskin Dragon Aqua yes Arjak Caves
72 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon, Inartia Dunestalker yes Arjak Caves (Rare)
73 Frosty Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart yes Mytia Woodlands
73 Clever Firuza Swiftfoot yes Mytia Passage (Public Event Boss)
75 Wandering Snowneck Dragon Swiftfoot yes Artenne Ruins (Rare)
75 Iciclaws Razorspine yes Mytia Highlands
77 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Razorspine yes Veilar Grotto
77 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Stalwart yes Veilar Grotto
77 Furious Darkfang Dragon Stalwart yes Veilar Grotto (Rare)
77 Scaled Bloodboil Dragon Aqua yes Veilar Springs
78 Arctic Thorncowl Dragon Windrider yes Dragon Skeleton Gorge
80 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Razorspine yes Mount Adra
85 Alabaster Sailhorn Mythical yes Mytia Passage
85 Silverthorn Skytouched yes Roaming
85 Solar Eclipse Fabled Ancient Yes Roaming
85 Ember Spark Fabled Ancient yes Dungeon Ancient

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